Sunday 13 April 2008

Japanese Homoeopathic Medical Association (JPHMA) held an event ‘Way of moving our body and Homoeopathy’ as part of activities of World Homeopathy Awareness Week 10 – 16 April 2008, themed ‘Homoeopathy in Sports’.

JPHMA has been joining WHAW since 2005 and has been holding events according to their themes.

In prior to this event, a message was sent to the audience from the president, Torako Yui Ph.D. Hom. “As it is said that we can see a person’s mind from his/her appearance, habit in mind resides in the body. We welcome you to this event to relieve tension in  mind and body, which has become hard for a long time.”

We held an event, which introduces a relationship between muscles and soul, the meaning of suffering muscles and homoeopathic remedies, which stretch the possibilities of muscles and joints, in the first half, then introduces body work to built flexible and strong body, exercising together with audiences.

This impressive seminar was held in Sapporo, Tokyo, Nagoya, Kyoto, Osaka and Fukuoka with connecting TV conference system, and 158 people got together.

Please refer to the pictures and feedbacks from audience.

JPHMA has been continuing lectures and events for enlightenment of homoeopathy throughout a year, urging our members.

Total attendance: 158

Sapporo 21, Tokyo 82, Osaka 23, Kyoto 10, and Fukuoka 5

Feedback excerpts 


- It was very helpful, as the content was in details of troubles in muscles and how we could deal with. Thank you very much.

- Although I had already known muscles are important, I was surprised to know how they are connected with mind. I would like to live with homoeopathic support from now. Thank you.

- I had not known how deep and important a relationship between homoeopathy and muscles.


- The first half of today’s event was a lecture by Dr Yui, was about homoeopathy in muscles and tendons and the last half was exercise for training inner muscles by Ms Masuda. When I learnt if we build up muscles, our liver and kidneys are also built up, I felt my organs become happy. I reconfirmed myself that a truth gives me comfortable in my guts.

Usually, we just listen to a lecture at the desk, today’s event was much more practical with stretching our muscles by the exercise. It was the most enjoyable one! Wonderful! Please continue this event!!

- It was my first experience of homoeopathy, but it was so interesting and I felt time past so quickly. Lecturers were very attractive and it was a meaningful day. I learnt how important to move our bodies. I would like to learn more by joining other seminars.

- I was impressed to hear Dr Yui’s Rolfing experience, which was very mysterious. It was a day, which I decided to keep learning the valuable wisdom, which Dr Yui acquired. Exercise was also helpful, as I could learn how to build core muscles.

- I believe that homoeopathy become more general with the times. I will definitely join next occasions. Dr Yui and Ms Masuda, both were positive, natural and wonderful. Thank you very much.

- I realized that I was just seeking this kind of exercise. Thank you so much. Homoeopathy is so deep and interesting. I really appreciate.

- It was great to learn how to train inner muscles. As I was interested in exercise and homoeopathy, today’s event was very helpful.

- As I was worrying about my stiffness and lack of exercises, it was very meaningful to learn homoeopathy and how to move our bodies. Please hold such an event again.


- It was interesting, as I could learn not only about homoeopathic remedies, but I could also learn exercise. I would like to attend such seminar again. I enjoyed today.

- It was very easy to understand. Thank you very much. I will carry on the exercise, which I learnt today.


- It was my first attendance. The content was very easy to understand. Especially, I become confident in using homoeopathy and the exercise. I hope such event is held in series.

- The exercise, which I learnt today, is what I could continue doing at home. I also learn how important muscles are. I was not aware of that before, I would like to train core muscles.

It was also great to learn homoeopathic remedies for muscles. I will start to use them.

I am looking forward next occasion.


- It was very enjoyable to use brain and body. My soul was so happy.

Thank you so much. I will attend next seminar.

- It was very joyful seminar. I believe a relationship between muscles and homoeopathic remedies are very useful in our daily life. I am looking forward a seminar from a point of view of aging society and sports.

- It was very informative. As it is getting warmer season, I will move my body spontaneously with using homoeopathic remedies.


- I fully understand that Dr Yui’s saying ‘Our soul tells us when we feel to do some exercises.’ Since I started to do exercise, I regard housework as one of my exercises and touching dirty things as one of my ascetic trainings. I have been feeling traditional works are wonderful. I would like to request to make such occasion again to receive support.

- I thought it was natural to know muscles’ role as homoeopathy is holistic. It was very informative to know muscles are vital part to make our organs active in order to achieve our soul’s purpose. Thank you very much.

- It was very interesting to attend today’s seminar. I learnt how important to move our muscles slowly. Since I suffer from rheumatism, I had not do exercise, but I will start walking and fingers’ exercise little by little. I enjoyed today’s exercise, as it was quite slowly. I will teach that to my family. I will join next occasion.