Our History: 



The history of World Homeopathy Awareness Week

 World Homeopathy Awareness Week was founded by homeopath, Gabrielle Traub in 2004. 

 The First board of directors consisted of: 

Chair: Gabrielle Traub (United States)

Vice chair: Peter Viksveen (Norway)

Secretary: Dr. Tariq Khan (Pakistan)

Head of website development: Dr. Jawahar Shah (India). The website was revamped by Cindy Chrisman (USA) in 2008.

 Later they were joined by:

Director of Business Development: Dr. Dan Tobin (United States)

Head of Fundraising: Karin Mont (United Kingdom)


In 2006 WHAW was celebrated in 36 countries around the world.

 In 2006 the WHAO was awarded the Selfless Humanitarian Work for setting up relief camps for earthquake victims in Pakistan under the leadership of Dr. Tariq Khan.

 In 2007 the World Homeopathy Awareness Organization attained non-profit status.

 In 2009 the WHAO displayed a giant street banner promoting Homeopathy over a major highway in Australia.

Past chairs:

Gabrielle Traub (United States)

Amina Sabry (Egypt)

Christine Liebing-Gabel (Germany)

Elizabeth Brandegee Byszeski (United States)

Asim Shaikh (Canada) Current chair



Past themes:


2006: Homeopathy for Children  

2007: Homeopathy for Women’s Health  

2008: Homeopathy in Sport’s Medicine 

2009: Homeopathy and Allergies 

2010: Homeopathy for Mental Well-Being

2011: Homeopathy and the Musculoskeletal System

2012: Homeopathy for Infertility

2013: Homeopathy for Trauma & Disasters

2014: Homeopathy for Men’s Health

2015: Homoeopathy for Infectious Diseases

2016: Homeopathy as Preventative Medicine.